• Warman 2QV-AF Vertical Froth Slurry Pumps

    2Q-AF Vertical Froth Pump

    Inlet: 4 inch
    Outlet: 2 inch
    Capacity: 7.6-42.8m3/h
    Head: 6-29.5m
    Max.power: 15kw
    Materials: High chrome alloy, Rubber, Polyurethane etc.
    +86 180 3203 4573

    2QV-AF Froth Slurry Pump is vertical, double casing, single stage centrifugal forth pump, manufactured with advanced technology. The 2QV-AF froth pump can effectively eliminate the bubble in the slurry at work, even the slurry capacity is not enough the pump can work normally. It is suitable for various of flotation process and a perfect pump for handing frothy pulp indeed. AF vertical forth pump’s capacity is much higher than that of other types slurry pump without shaft seal and sealing water.

    Design Features:

    √ Excellent performance, easy assembly & disassembly, high reliability and etc.
    √ Without shaft seal and sealing water.
    √ The discharge branch can be positioned at intervals of 45 degrees by request and oriented to √ Any eight positions to suit installations and applications.
    √ Drive type: It can be used in direct drive or indirect drive, and the belt pulley can be replaced √ Easily,used to change the pump speed and meet the variations of working conditions.
    √ The transmission parts are in commonly used with SP(R) type vertical sump pump.


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