• Warman 6SV-AF Froth Slurry Pumps

    6SV-AF Froth Slurry Pump

    Inlet: 8 inch
    Outlet: 6 inch
    Capacity: 80-393m3/h
    Head: 5.8-25.5m
    Max.power: 75kw
    Materials: High chrome alloy, Rubber, Polyurethane etc.
    +86 180 3203 4573

    6SV-AF Froth Slurry Pump has been designed to increase the pump ability of frothy slurry. The principle of operation is similar to that of hydrocyclone separation. Air is separated from the slurry in a vortex created by the impeller rotation and the tangential inlet to the pump’s conical sump. This results in more efficient pumping at higher capacities and a smooth operation, free from pulsations caused by air locking.

    Design Features:

    √ AF rubber lined and hard metal vertical froth pumps were designed as one integrated unit for flexible layout and simple installation.
    √ The pump, pump sump and driver are integrated in one self contained unit.
    √ Simple to install and connect.
    √ No alignment or special foundations needed.
    √  The design ensures minimum maintenance and eliminates any requirement for water flushing.
    √ Impeller clearance is maintained by external axial adjustment of the shaft/bearing assembly.


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