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    10x8ST-AH Slurry Pump

    Size: 10" x 8"
    Capacity: 612-1368m3/h
    Head: 11-61m
    Speed: 400-850rpm
    NPSHr: 4-10m
    Eff.: 71%
    Power: Max. 560kw
    Handling solids: 76mm
    Materials: Hyper chrome alloy, Rubber, Polyurethane, Ceramic etc
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    10x8ST-AH Centrifugal Slurry Pumps are the most comprehensive range of centrifugal slurry pumps for use in mining, chemical, mineral processing and general industry applications. The horizontal slurry pumps are designed for heavy duty applications such as mill discharge, power sector and tailings as well as specialty applications, which are used for continuous pumping of high abrasive, high density slurry.  

    Design Features:

    Wetted Parts:

    Impellers - wide variety of metallurgic and elastomeric options (metal and elastomer interchangeable) – pump out vanes on rear and front (on closed impellers) reduce recirculation within pump, and aid in preventing seal contamination - optional castings of straight or semi-Francis vanes (from 3 to 8 vanes on certain sizes) offer wider hydraulic options in single sizes

    Liners - wide variety of metallic and elastomeric options (metal and elastomer liners are interchangeable) to select from in order to provide the longest wear life possible


    Seal Arrangements:

    Expeller (Centrifugal Seal) – no external sealing water required where applicable

    Stuffing Box - flushed gland sealing with braided packing and a lantern ring

    Mechanical Seals


    Bearing Assembly

    Cartridge - style bearing housing allows for removal from pump and assembly in controlled environment

    Oversized shaft diameters and reduced overhang in the wet-end contribute to long life and reliability in the field

    Tobee® 10/8 ST AH Slurry Pumps Performance Parameters:


    Max. Power



    Clear Water Performance


    Vane No.



    Capacity Q


    Head H


    Speed n


    Eff. η














    Tobee® 10/8 ST AH Slurry Pumps Applications:


    wet crushers

    SAG mill discharge

    ball mill discharge

    rod mill discharge

    mineral processing

    coal prep

    cyclone feeds

    aggregate processing

    fine primary mill grinding

    chemical slurry service


    secondary grinding

    industrial processing

    pulp and paper

    food processing

    cracking operations

    ash handling


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    * Tobee® 10/8 ST AH slurry pumps and spares are only interchangeable with Warman® 10/8 ST AH slurry pumps and spares.

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