• Warman AHF Froth Pumps

    AHF Horizontal Froth Pumps

    Size: 2" to 14"
    Capacity: 50-3150 m3/h
    Head: 5-65 m
    Materials: Hyper chrome alloy, Rubber, Polyurethane, Ceramic, Stainless steel etc.
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    Tobee® AHF Horizontal Froth Pumps are heavy duty  horizontal pumps designed to handle difficult tenacious froth.

    Design Features:

    • Based on the AH or L series slurry pumps
    • Existing AH or L series slurry pumps can be converted to AHF/MF/ LF horizontal froth pumps with only a few modifications
    • Inducer blade impeller for positive froth feed
    • Enlarged high efficiency slurry throatbush to maximize the inlet size and reduce NPSH required
    • Standard AH or L slurry pump mounting and flange center lines

    • Available in 2” through 22” froth pump discharge sizes


    The mining industry is a primary example where pumping operations can be plagued by froth and high viscosity problems. In the liberation of minerals from ore, the minerals are often floated through the use of strong flotation agents. Tough bubbles carry the copper, molybdenum or iron tails to be recovered and further processed. These tough bubbles create havoc with many slurry pumps, often leading to the selection of overly large and inefficient pumps. horizontal froth pumps are small and efficient. The inducer impeller and oversized inlet very effectively enable the froth or viscous slurries to get into the impeller allowing the pump to transport it to the next destination. Low power costs, reliable operation, minimal surging, and feed tank overflow make horizontal froth pumps user friendly.

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