• Warman 6x4F-HH High Head Slurry Pump
  • 6x4 FHH Slurry Pump
  • Warman 6x4 HH Slurry Pump
  • 6x4 High Head Slurry Pump
  • HH Slurry Pump

    6x4F-HH High Head Slurry Pump

    Size: 6" x 4"
    Capacity: 324-720m3/h
    Head: 30-118m
    Speed: 600-1000rpm
    NPSHr: 3-8m
    Eff.: 64%
    Power: Max. 260kw
    Handling solids: 57mm
    Materials: A05, A07, A12, A49, A51, A61 etc
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    6/4F-HH High Head Slurry Pump have been developed to handle very high working pressures capable of handling even abrasive slurries with ease. Designed for high performance, high energy efficiency and long wear life, the high head slurry pumps serve a variety of slurry transportation applications, Shares proven unique design features with the AH series slurry pump range. High-pressure design constructed as horizontal, end suction centrifugal pumps to maximise wear resistance and simplify maintenance. Made with abrasion resistant white irons, ductile irons and special alloys to match duty requirements. Other wear liner materials such as urethane are also available.

    Tobee® 6/4F-HH High Head Slurry Pumps Performance Parameters:


    Max. Power


    Clear Water Performance


    Capacity Q


    Head H


    Speed n


    Eff. η




    Vane No.

    Impeller Dia.










    Tobee® 6x4F-HH High Head Slurry Pumps Applications:

    Mining – Open Pit / Underground
    Slime Settling Sumps
    Ore Reclaim Conveyor Sumps
    Ball Mill Sumps
    Mine Dewatering Clarifier Underflow
    Paste Fill Operations
    Concentrate Transfer
    Smelter Wash Down Sumps
    Slurry Transfer
    Settling/Collection Ponds

    Oil Refining & Recovery
    Skimmer Oil Sumps
    API Lift Station High Solids Sumps
    Coker Sumps
    Sand and Bitumen Sludge Extraction Plant Emergency Dump Pond

    Power Generation
    Scrubber Sludge
    Material Handling Sumps
    Bottom Ash and Fly Ash Sumps
    Clarifier Ash Removal
    Coal Galley Wash Down Sumps
    Main Plant Collection Sump
    Cooling Tower Overflow Sumps
    Neutralization Sumps
    Polisher Sumps FGD Sumps
    Spent Lime Sumps
    Condenser Sumps
    Site Retention Ponds
    Low Level Waste/Boiler Blowdown Sumps
    Caustic Sumps
    River Dredging
    Plant Water Pumps

    Steel Mills & Heavy Industries
    Mills Scale Pits
    Blast Furnace Slag Pits
    Clarifier Underflow

    Ethanol/Grain Processing
    Collection Sumps by Fiber Scrubber
    Feed Loadout
    Boiler Pad
    Receiving Bay and Storage Areas

    Pulp & Paper
    Paper Waste Collection Sump
    U-Drain Sumps
    Wood Yard Sumps
    Clean Up Sumps

    Water Treatment and Wastewater & Sewage
    Activated Sludge
    Dewater Holding Tank
    Sludge Transfer

    Caustic and Acidic Sumps
    Waste Sludge Handling
    Tank Clean Out
    Clean Up Sumps
    Waste Collection Ponds
    Thickener Clean Out
    Barge Unloading

    Food Processing
    Receiving Collection Sumps Sugar: Lift Stations
    Anaerobic Clarifiers
    Aerobic Clarifiers
    Ash Ponds
    Rock Catcher Sumps
    Beet Wash Down
    Flume Sumps
    Potato Plants: Plant Collection
    Wash Down Sumps

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    * Tobee® 6/4F-HH high head slurry pumps and spares are only interchangeable with Warman® 6/4F-HH high head slurry pumps and spares.

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