• Warman Slurry Pump Stuffing Box
  • Warman Pump Stuffing Box
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  • Stuffing Box for Warman Pump
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    Slurry Pump Stuffing Box

    Materials: HT250, High chrome etc
    Part code: 078
    Pump model: Warman AH(R), HH, L(R), G(H) etc
    +86 180 3203 4573

    Slurry Pump Stuffing Box is one of shaft seal parts in gland packing seal pumps where the packing is housed in. The packing area of stuffing box is longer than expeller ring, so it can contain more packing.

    Slurry pump stuffing box of a sailboat will have a stern tube that is slightly bigger than the prop shaft. It will also have packing nut threads or a gland nut. The packing is inside the gland nut and creates the seal. The shaft is wrapped by the packing and put in the gland nut. Through tightening it onto the stern tube, the packing is compressed, creating a seal against the shaft. Creating a proper plunger alignment is critical for correct flow and a long wear life. Stuffing box components are of D21 cast iron, A05 high chrome, stainless steel, brass or other application-specific materials.


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