Low Flow Slurry pump spare parts list
Aug 05, 2022

Tobee® offering replaces 1.5/1B Slurry Pump with inlet 1.5-inch and outlet 1-inch. It is a smaller pump with a small capacity and fast speed. Used in a higher head but low flow rate requirements on site. Following is a full range of 1.5/1B Pump spares were shipped to Iran.

TH1.5/1B Slurry Pump Spare Parts List

Adjust Screw B001E62

Base B003MG01

Bearing Assembly B005M

Bearing Housing B004MG01

Cover Plate B1013D21

Cover Plate Bolt B015E65

Cover Plate Liner B1017R55

Discharge Joint B1132LS01

End Cover B024G01

Expeller B028A05

Expeller Ring B029A05

Expeller Ring B029R55

Frame Plate B1032D21

Frame Plate Bolt B026E62

Frame Plate Liner B1036R55

Frame Plate Liner Insert B1041A05

Frame Plate Stud B039E62

Gland B044G01

Gland B044C23

Gland Bolt B045C23

Grease Retainer B046G01

Impeller B1127A05

Impeller B1052R55

Intake Joint B1060S01

Labyrinth B062G01

Labyrinth Locknut B061E62

Lantern Restrictor B118C23

Lantern Ring B063C23

Lip Seal B090S01

Neck Ring B067C23

O-ring B109S10

O-ring B217S10

Packing B111Q05

Packing B111Q05A

Packing B111Q21

Packing B111Q22

Piston Ring B108G01

Seal B122S01

Shaft B073ME05

Shaft Sleeve B075C21

Shaft Sleeve B075C23

Shaft Sleeve B075J05

Shaft Sleeve B076C21

Shaft Sleeve B076C23

Shaft Spacer B117C21

Shaft Spacer B117C23

Shaft Spacer B117J05

Shim Set B025P10

Stuffing Box B078A05

Volute Frame Seal B1125S01

Volute Liner B1110A05

1-inch pump spares

1-inch mining pump components1.5/1 BAH Slurry pump volute liner B1110A05

1.5x1 BAH Slurry pump metal spare parts

1.5/1 BAH Slurry pump volute liner B1110A05

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