12/10G-GH and 8/6E-G Gravel Pump Parts Impellers
Nov 17, 2021
One of our European partners ordered some 12x10G-GH and 8x6E-G sand pump impellers GGH10137A05, EG86137A05. They are ready to play their part in order to make the pumps work better.

Tobee® offers G/GH Tunneling Sand Pump Spare Parts, from 6/4D-G, 6/4E-G, 8/6E-G, 10/8S-G, 10/8S-GH, 10/8F-G, 12/10F-G, 12/10G-G, 12/10G-GH, 14/12G-G, 14/12T-G, 16/14G-G, 16/14T-G, 16/14TU-GH, 18/16TU-G. G/GH Gravel Sand Pump Wear Parts include: Impeller 137, Door 013, Adaptor Plate 032, Back Liner 041, Bowl 131, Bearing Assembly 005.

Tobee G/GH gravel sand pump parts are made from high-chrome alloy A05 (Cr27+). When pumping abrasive slurries, you will found that the wear-resistant material wet-end parts are so important.

12/10G-GH tunneling dredge pump and 8/6E-G sand booster pump are designed for continuous pumping of highly abrasive slurries that containing large particles which other slurry pumps can not handle, Large passage inside casing make it the best choice for gravel, dredging and other applications where large particles needed to be handled, especially for large flow, high concentration, high head medium.

You can drop an email at sales@tobeepump.com to order your tunneling pumps and spare parts!

12/10G-GH Sand Pump Impeller Photos:

Warman 12/10G-GH Gravel Pump Impeller GGH10137A05

GH Dredging Sand Pump Impeller GGH10137

High Chrome Impeller GGH10137 for 12x10G-GH Pump

12x10G-GH High Head Gravel Sand Pump Impellers

8/6E-G Gravel Pump Impeller Photos:

Impeller EG86137A05 for Warman 8/6E-G Gravel Pump

8x6E-G Tunneling Sand Pump Impeller EG86137

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