Mining pump wearing parts supply
Nov 03, 2022

Tobee® providing wear parts for 20x18-inch slurry pumps

Size: 20" x 18"
Capacity: 2520-5400m3/h
Head: 13-57m
Speed: 200-400rpm
NPSHr: 5-10m
Eff.: 85%
Power: Max.1200kw
Handling solids: 140mm
Seal arrangement: Packing seal, Expeller seal, Mechanical seal

20/18 TUAH Slurry Pump Installation Types:


DC Type: The output shaft of a motor is directly connected to the input shaft of a pump via a pump coupler. This type of connection is suitable for applications where the speed of the slurry pump is the same as that of the motor.

CV Type: The pump is driven by a belt connected to the crankshaft of the engine. This way of connection allows for saving space, easy installation, and fast adjustment of pumping speed. The motor is fixed to the

motor support frame which is located on the bearing support above the slurry pump.

ZV Type: Another type of belt drive that allows easy adjustment of pumping speed. The motor is directly fixed to the bearing support. This way of installation is suitable for motors with larger horsepower than is possible with CV type of installation. Due to the installation of motor onto the bearing support, this method helps save installation space.

CR Type: This type of belt drive makes it easier to adjust pumping speed. The installation allows both the motor and slurry pump to be fixed to the ground. The motor is installed to the side of the pump. This installation method is suitable for large-power motors


Tobee® 20/18TU-AH Slurry Pumps Applications:


√ Mill Discharge

√ Cyclone Feed

√ Tailings Transport

√ Concentrator Process Pumps

√ Mine Dewatering

√ Iron & Steel ·Cement

√ Sand & Gravel ·Mineral Sands

√ Chemical Slurry ·Sugar and Raw Foodstuffs

√ Mining Industry (Coal, Diamond, Aluminium, Gold,

√ Platinum, Phosphate, Copper, Zinc, Iron Ore


Tobee® 20/18 TU AH Slurry Pump Spare Parts:

Cover Plate: TU18013D21;

Frame Plate: TU18032D21;

Impeller: TU18147A05;

Volute liner: TU18110A05;

Throatbush: TU18083A05;

Frame plate liner insert: TU18041A05;

Stuffing box:TU18078A05.

20/18TUAH Slurry pump Cover plate TU18013D21 and Frame Plate TU18032D21

20x18TU-AH backfill plant pump impeller TU18147A05

18-inch slurry pump throatbush TU18083A05

TU18041A05 Frame plate liner for 20/18TUAH Mining pumps

Tailings proposal slurry pump stuffing box TU078C21

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