6/4E Slurry Pump with Polyurethane Liners
Nov 20, 2023

Tobee®  Polyurethane slurry pumps are a type of slurry pump that are designed with components made from polyurethane material. Polyurethane is a versatile elastomer known for its excellent abrasion resistance, durability, and chemical compatibility. When used in slurry pumps, polyurethane offers several advantages and benefits.

Tobee® Polyurethane slurry pumps Abrasion Resistance: Polyurethane exhibits exceptional resistance to wear and abrasion, making it highly suitable for handling abrasive slurries. It can withstand the erosive effects of solid particles present in the slurry, extending the pump service life and reducing maintenance requirements.

Tobee® Polyurethane slurry pumps Corrosion Resistance: Polyurethane is resistant to many chemicals and corrosive substances, ensuring the pump integrity and performance even in aggressive environments. This makes polyurethane slurry pumps suitable for applications where the slurry contains corrosive elements.

Tobee® Polyurethane slurry pumps Energy Efficiency: Polyurethane has a lower friction coefficient compared to other materials, which reduces energy consumption and improves overall pump efficiency. This can lead to cost savings over the pump operational lifetime.

Polyurethane slurry pumps find applications in various industries, including mining, mineral processing, dredging, coal preparation, and chemical processing. They are particularly beneficial in situations where abrasive or corrosive slurries need to be efficiently transported.

Following are 6/4E Slurry pumps with poly liner:

6/4E Polyurethane slurry pumps

polyurethane lined slurry pumps with outlet 4-inch

Slurry pump with poly liners for industries with requirements on abrasive resistance

6/4E Slurry pump with polyurethane liners.

6/4E Slurry pump polyurethane spare parts

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