6/4D Slurry Pump with Polyurethane Liners
Aug 29, 2023

Tobee® offers polyurethane liners for slurry pumps as poly lined slurry pumps. They are wildly used on minineg site like tungsten minerals, Kaolinite,  Quartz sand plant, Muscovite processing. etc.

Tobee®  Polyurethane Liners including Impeller, Cover plate liner and Frame plater liner and Throat Bush.

1. Used for pump side liners, where the peripheral speed of the impeller is higher than 27.5 m/s, (and precluding the use of standard rubber) and used for impellers where occasional trash may damage a rubber impeller.
2. Erosion resistance is greater where erosion is of a sliding bed type rather than one of directional impact. (See Figure 2-2).
3. Has less erosion resistance to fine solids than natural rubber. Has greater erosion resistance to coarse sharp edged particles than natural rubber, in some circumstances.
4. Unsuitable for temperatures exceeding 70°C and for concentrated acids and alkalies, ketone, esters, chlorinated and nitro hydrocarbons.

Following are 6-4D Slurry pump direct coupling the motor. 4/3C Slurry pumps with CV drive arrangement.

4/3C Polyurethane lined pump

CV Driven slurry pump with PU liners.

Poly impeller pump 6/4D-AH

Polyurethane liner pump 6-4D

Direct coupling slurry pump with  polyurethane liners and impellers

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