13 sets 6x4D-AH Slurry Pumps off to Croatia
Sep 15, 2021

Perfect set of 13 pieces 6x4 D-AH centrifugal slurry pumps feature 25kW and 45kW motors and they will be used for ready to dewatering solutions in open pit mining. The wear parts made from high chrome alloy, equipped with CV motor guard.


Use of slurry pumps for Dewatering Solutions

Dewatering is critical to most mining operations. Yet it is not simply about pumping groundwater. The mine manager needs to extract the lowest volume of water, at minimum cost. Once extracted, water must be transported, stored, treated and disposed of - all the while minimising the environmental impacts of each activity. Accurately planning groundwater extraction for dewatering is critical to mine profitability. So when high volume dewatering pumps were required in Croatia, Tobee supported their customer through the design phase, helping to make the right pump selection to meet pumping requirements and 6x4 DAH slurry pump can be met.

From mine dewatering to mill discharge, coal pre, secondary grinding, aggregate and tailings, our slurry pumps are doing the job. The toughest conditions are met with the most wear-resistant and rugged pumps Tobee manufactures. Contact us today!

Tobee® 6x4D AH Slurry Pump Photos:

Alternative Warman 6/4 AH Horizontal Slurry Pump

Warman 6x4 inch Slurry Pumps

High Chrome Alloy 6/4D-AH Slurry Pump

6x4D AH Coal Slurry Pumps Warman

Warman 6x4 Horizontal Pump in China

Weir Warman 6x4 AH Pump

6/4D-AH Metal Lined Slurry Pump

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