8/6F-AH Slurry Pump Cast Wet-end Spares
Mar 05, 2021
Tobee® 8/6 FAH heavy duty Hyperchrome alloy slurry pump spares are getting ready for their new home Australia which install on the pump at an iron ore mine.

Tobee® Pumps stock a range of AH series slurry pump parts which have been developed for abrasive applications in mines and quarries, and are used widely across the globe in mineral processing and dewatering applications.
Tobee® had worked extensively on the design and material composition of these slurry pump parts to increase their wear life, and they have been proven in some of the most abrasive and arduous applications. These slurry pump parts are dimensionally interchangeable with all AH slurry pump parts, As well as our stocks of slurry pump parts from other brands, we also stock genuine parts from other key brands in the industry.

As one of the leading global slurry pump spare parts manufacturers, Tobee® are uniquely positioned to produce quality wear parts which deliver an exceptional lifespan, reducing the overall cost of ownership. This has been recognised by a growing number of OEM who now specify our Tobee pumps, giving reduced downtime benefits to a rapidly growing number of end users.

In stock parts, please see below:

Tobee 8x6 Slurry Pump Spare Parts Photos:

8/6F-AH Slurry Pump Impeller F6147A05

Slurry Pump Stuffing Box

Slurry Pump Cover Plate and Frame Plate

Warman Pump Parts

Slurry Pump Lantern Restrictor

Rubber Expeller Ring EAM029MR55

Slurry Pump Wear Parts

We have spare parts in stock, and are shipping pumps daily. Tobee Pump can help you save on cost and time without compromise.

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