8/6 and 4/3 Slurry Pump Rubber Wet-end Parts
Apr 28, 2021

Some of slurry pump rubber parts for 8/6 EAH and 4/3 CAH horizontal slurry pumps:

Rubber Impeller: F6147R55, D3147R55

Cover Plate Liner: F6018R55, D3017R55

Frame Plate Liner: F6036R55, D3036R55

Rubber Throat bush: F6083R55

Tobee® Rubber Slurry Pump Parts are designed to provide longer life and abrasion resistance in a variety of applications. Rubber spare parts are main parts in rubber lined slurry pumps, including impeller, cover plate liner, frame plate liner, throat bush, frame plate liner insert etc.

Rubber Slurry Pump Parts Presentation:

Rubber pump impeller can play an extremely important role in the operation of slurry pump. By rotating, it can help slurry pump meet the needs of the transport medium. The slurry pump impeller is easy to be worn, so we can manufacture any special material impellers.
Rubber impellers are used to deal with the corrosive slurry with blunt particles. They are made of Natural Rubber, Neoprene, Hypalon, EPDM, Nitrile, Butyl, Polyurethane etc, or any other as you required.

Rubber Liners include Cover plate liner and Frame plate liner. They are very easy to replaceable liners are bolted, not glued, to the casing for positive attachment and ease of maintenance. Hard metal liners are completely interchangeable with pressure molded elastomers.

Rubber throat bush is one of wet parts in horizontal slurry pump which directs slurries to impeller, it is suction side liner which is connected with cover plate.

Throat bush is common in bigger pumps, because throat bush and volute liner are normally in one solid piece in small pumps. The design of slurry pump throat bush is based on cost effective in manufacturing and operation.

Tobee® proudly manufacture high quality rubber slurry pump parts and other replacement spares for standard slurry pump manufactures, which are 100% interchangeable.

R55 Rubber Pump Parts Photos:

8/6E-AH Slurry Pump Impeller F6147R55

Rubber Slurry Pump Wet Parts

Frame Plate Liner F6036R55 for 8x6 Pump

Cover Plate Liner F6018R55

Rubber Throat bush F6083R55

Warman 4x3 Pump Liners

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