Slurry Pump Wet End Parts in Material A49
Nov 16, 2022

Tobee® provides Slurry pump wet end parts in material A49 for corrosion resistance in acid plants .Alloy A49 is a heat treated corrosion resistant white iron, which is suitable for low PH acid corrosion and erosive wear duty.

High Chrome A49 Alloy

High chrome A49 (Cr30) is essentially a high chromium-low carbon white cast iron. The microstructure (shown in Figure 1(b)) is hypoeutectic and consists of eutectic chromium carbides in an austenite/martensite matrix.

The carbon content in High chrome A49 is lower than High chrome A05 resulting in less chromium in the carbide phase and more chromium in the matrix. Thus the ferrous matrix of High chrome A49 is richer in dissolved chromium than the ferrous matrix of High chrome A05. As a consequence, High chrome A49 offers greater corrosion resistance than High chrome A05 in mildly acidic environments.High chrome A49 alloy finds use in moderately corrosive conditions where erosion resistance is also important such as some Flue Gas Desulphurisation (FGD) applications.

Following are A49 anti-corrosion wearing pats for slurry pumps in a mining site:

E4147A49 Impeller for pumps 6/4D and 450STL Slurry pump throatbush TL45083MA49.

6/4DAH Mining tailings pump impeller D4147A49

E4147A49 impellers fits 6/4DAH Filter press pumps

TL45083MA05 Throatbush for 450STL Slurry pumps

450STL medium duty Slurry pump spares