Bronze impeller Vertical Inline Seawater Desalination Pumps
Aug 02, 2022

Tobee® offers two sets 160kw electric vertical inline pumps with bronze impeller and casing to seawater treatment plant for seawater desalination solution.

Tobee® TSG Vertical Inline Pump is a high-effective energy-saving product successfully designed by means of adopting the property data of TS model centrifugal pump and the unique merits of vertical pump and strictly in accordance with ISO2858 world standard and the latest national standard and an ideal product to replace TS horizontal pump, TDL model pump etc. 

Tobee® TSG Vertical Inline Pump flow range is 1.5-2400m /h and the head range 8-150m and there are basic type, by-passtype, A,B, C cutting type etc. more than 250 specifications. And per the differentflowmediumandtemperature,TIRG (TGRG) hot-water pump,TIHG chemical pump and TSGB (TYG) oil pump and TIHGB vertical non-explosive chemical pump. etc. Series products. of the same type and same proprty data have been designed and made.
Tobee® TSG Vertical Inline Pump Specification:
Size (discharge): 25mm to 450mm
Capacity: 1.5~ 2400 m3/hr
Head: 8 ~ 150 m
Efficiency:Up to 92%
Materials:Cast iron,SS 304,SS 316,CD4MCu,Duplex SS,Bronze etc

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