Ceramic Shaft Sleeves for Slurry Pumps
May 17, 2019

Interchangeable Ceramic Shaft Sleeves for Slurry Pumps

One of the problems of concern to operators of centrifugal slurry pumps is the wear of shaft sleeves and the deterioration of packing material in the gland.

This matter has also been under study by the Engineering Research and Development Department of Tobee Pump for some time. The result is the development of a shaft sleeve of much superior wearing qualities.

The Tobee Ceramic Shaft Sleeve, which has undergone destructive field tests for over 18 months, has proved to extend part life several times that of steel shaft sleeves on the same slurry pump, same service. Total maintenance costs and down-time were reduced accordingly.

Steel has always been the here-to-fore accepted material for shaft sleeves for most centrifugal slurry pumps. However, steel in shaft sleeves is subject to pitting, fritting and wear that often results in short part life. grinding-flotation-ceramic grinding-flotation-ceramic.

Tobee Ceramic Shaft Sleeves are precision formed of high density alumina, fired, and ground to size. The hardness of ceramics (9.0 to 9.5 MOH Scale) resists this destructive action.

In addition, the ceramic shaft sleeve surface is highly polished which, together with its lower co-efficient of friction, results in extended sleeve life and long service from the packing.

The wear that occurs to the sleeve is in the form of grooves which remain polished and still allows an effective seal with the packing.

Ceramics are subject to thermal shock. This requires that gland water be on when the slurry pump is started and is in operation.

The Tobee Slurry Pump Ceramic Shaft Sleeves are recommended on all slurry pumping applications. They also provide excellent resistance to corrosion of all except strong alkalies and hydrofluoric acids.

Tobee Ceramic Shaft Sleeves are now available for all sizes AH Slurry Pumps. Quantity production of this item has already reduced the cost to that comparable to a 316 stainless steel shaft sleeve. You are urged to specify “Ceramic Shaft Sleeves” on your next part order.

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Ceramic Shaft Sleeves for Slurry Pumps

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