10/8 F-G Sand Gravel Pump with Diesel Engine and Gearbox
Nov 04, 2021
Tobee® 10/8 F-G Diesel Engine Sand Gravel Pump with gearbox has delivered to the port. It will be installed on a cutter suction dredger for pumping the sands, gravel, slurry, stone, and sediment etc. Tobee 10x8F-G pump wetted parts are made from Cr27~Cr28 high chrome alloy materials with super strong abrasion resistance to ensure excellent work-life.

Main Features:

Wet-End Design
The unique segmented clamp ring on larger size dredge pump and solid on smaller dredge pumps, facilitates casing rotation to any angle, reducing the need for costly high wearing bends. Minimal maintenance is required.
• Impeller - 3 or 5 vanes for large particles delivering, front and back shroud expulsion vanes reduce gland pressure and intrusion of high concentrations of solids in the gland area. Efficiency is maintained by minimizing suction side recirculation. Specially designed and shaped impeller vanes allow the handling of extraordinarily large particles. The unique dredge pump casing design and sealing vanes prevent abrasive solids intrusion at the sealing faces.
• Casing - The large, robust casing has been designed to reduce internal velocities resulting in minimum efficiency loss and improved casing wear life. The casing is made up of three components to reduce maintenance time and costs associated with a one piece design.

Seal Arrangement
• Expeller (Centrifugal Seal) – no external sealing water required where applicable
• Stuffing Box - flushed gland sealing with braided packing and a lantern ring
• Mechanical Seals

Bearing Assembly
• Cartridge - style bearing housing allows for removal from dredge pump and assembly in controlled environment
• Oversized shaft diameters and reduced overhang in the wet-end contribute to long life and reliability in the field

10x8F-G Gravel Pump Applications:

• Mine: Black, non-ferrous ore slurry material pump and all kinds of concentrate and tailings conveying.
• Metallurgy: Transport various slurry for aluminium or steel manufacture.
• Coal: Coal mining, washing and various coarse and fine coal slurry transportation.
• Electricity: Remove power plant ash,wash ash,various ash dregs or ash slurry transportation.
• Construction materials: Various mud sand slurry(such as Cement slurry) transportation.
• Chemical: Phosphatic fertilizer or potassic fertilizer factory various abrasive slurry transportation.

• Water conservancy: Lake, river dredge, sediment, grit, High plastic clay Suction line to transportation.

10/8 F-G Diesel Engine Dredge Pump with Gearbox Photos:

Warman 10/8 F-G Sand Gravel Pump

10x8 FG Diesel Engine Dredge Pump

10/8F-G Gravel Dredging Pump

G series Sand Gravel Pumps

Replacement Warman 10/8 G Gravel Pump

10/8 G Sand and Gravel Pump

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