6/4D-AH and 10/8E-M Heavy Duty Slurry Pumps Headed to Kuwait
Jun 08, 2021
There has one set 6/4 DAH Bare Shaft Slurry Pump and two sets 10/8 EM Bare Shaft Slurry Pumps have been well installed and packed and sent to the port.

Tobee’s 6x4 AH and 10x8 M slurry pumps with large shaft diameters, heavy duty bearing assemblies and robust slurry pumping capacity which widely used for tailings, secondary grinding, industrial processing, pulp and paper, fine primary mill grinding, aggregate processing, mineral processing, ash handling and other mills.

The Heavy Duty Slurry Pumps Features:

Wetted Parts

Impellers– Wide variety of high chrome and rubber options (metal and elastomer can interchangeable); Front and rear shrouds have pump out vanes that reduce recirculation and seal contamination; Optional impeller vanes from 3 VCG to 8 VCG;
Liners – Easily replaceable liners are bolted, not glued, to the casing for positive attachment and ease of maintenance. Metal lined liners are completely interchangeable with Rubber lined liners.


Expeller – It is an impeller force of reversed centrifugal force, preventing slurry leakage;
Packing Seal (Stuffing Box) – General shaft seal, it applies to various pumping conditions;
Mechanical Seals – It has high abrasion and vibration resistance, Mechanical seal can be used in various severe conditions.

Bearing Assembly

Cartridge – Style bearing housing allows for removal from pump and assembly in controlled environment;

A large diameter shaft with short overhang minimizes deflection and contributes to long bearing life.

6x4D-AH Slurry Pump and 10x8E-M Medium Slurry Pumps Reference Photos:

China Warman 6/4D-AH Slurry Pumps

Replacement 10x8E-M Medium Slurry Pumps

10/8 E-M Gypsum Slurry Pumps

10x8E-M Medium Duty Slurry Pump

10x8 E M Heavy Duty Slurry Pump

Interchangeable with Warman 10x8 Horizontal Slurry Pump

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