Slurry pump Bearing Assembly
Sep 23, 2022

Tobee® Slurry Pump Bearing Assembly Module Design:

• Grease Lubricated Bearing Assembly

The grease-lubricated bearing assembly houses a large-diameter shaft in its unique bearing cartridge designed specially for heavy-duty tasks. Due to its compact design, the bearing takes up little space while providing minimum vibration and deviation. Grease lubrication minimizes the possibility of oil leakage and little extra maintenance effort is needed. The rotor is easily adjustable. Users can install several rotors operating in series.


• Horizontal Axially-Split Bearing Assembly

Lubricated by oil, the axially-split bearing assembly features a large-diameter shaft and a short cantilever. It delivers high rigidity, and is unlikely to deform or vibrate even when highly abrasive solids are encountered. The bearing is directly mounted inside the bearing support which can be split into 2 halves along its center line. This mounting method allows for ease of disassembly, inspection and adjustment of bearing. Water cooling system effectively cools down the hot bearing, greatly improving its use life.


• Cartridge Type Oil-Lubricated Bearing Assembly

Spacious cartridge design allows for the installation of a large-diameter rotating shaft. Built specially to handle heavy-duty tasks, the metric size bearing is lubricated by thin oil. Users can install several bearings operating in series. Compact design and high reliability are 2 major benefits of this bearing for its end users.

Slurry Pump Bearing Assembly SPECIFICATIONS:
Bearing Housing: HT250
Bearing: ZWZ, SKF, TIMKEN etc
Shaft: 40CrMo
Shaft Sleeve: SS420
Matched Model: AH, HH, L, M, SP(R), G/GH, AF

Tobee® EAM005M Bearing Assembly Spares, bearing assembly are installed on different kinds AH slurry pumps, part codes: B005M, C005M, D005M, E005M, F005M, G005M,CAM005M, DAM005M, EAM005M, FAM005M, DDAM005M, EEAM005M, FFAM005M, ect, Matched Model: Tobee TH(R), THH, TL(R), TM, TP(R), TG(H). » AH(R), HH, L, M, SP(R) etc.

DAM005M Bearing assembly for 6/4DAH Slurry pumps

Slurry pump Bearing Assembly

Mining slurry pump bearing assembly

4/3E-HH Slurry Pump Bearing Assembly EAM005M

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