8x6x14 Disele Engine Drive Centrifugal Sand Pumps
Oct 12, 2023

Tobee® offers alternative Diesel engine-driven Mission pumps are highly versatile and can be used in various industries and applications. They are commonly employed in oil and gas operations, mining, construction, agriculture, and other remote or off-grid locations where a reliable source of power is required.

Portability: Diesel engine-driven pumps provide mobility and portability. They can be easily transported to different locations, making them suitable for temporary or mobile operations. This flexibility allows for quick deployment and efficient pumping in different areas.

Centrifual Sand Pump Typical Configurations:
3x2x13       6x5x14
4x3x13       8x6x11
5x4x14       8x6x14
6x5x11       10x8x14

Centrifugal Snad Pump Typical Applications:
• Mud pumping – offshore/onshore
• Solids control
• Dredging
• Leveling or Rig Platform (ballast)
• Barite, ferric oxide, and mineral oil
• Base drilling muds
• Glass fibers
• Sugar processing

• Frac sand
• Ash or coal conveyers

Follwing are 8x6x14 centrifugual sand pump with disele engine driven:

Disele engine driven pump 8x6x14

8x6x14 Diesel driven magnum pumps

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