Electric Submersible Slurry Pump for Dewatering
Nov 17, 2023

It is pleased to announce that four units, accompanied by VFD control panels, are now prepared for transport to a mining site in Zambia. These submersible slurry pumps have been specifically engineered to address the challenging task of dewatering mud in mining applications.

 Hydroman®  subemersible mud pumps robust construction and efficient operation make them ideal for the demanding requirements of mining dewatering operations. With the inclusion of VFD (Variable Frequency Drive) control panels, the pumps offer enhanced control and flexibility in managing the pumping process.

Hydroman®  subemersible sludge pumps installation will aid mine productivity and environmental management by efficiently removing water, mud, and waste from excavation areas. Hydroman looks forward to supporting the ongoing needs of this project through its aftermarket servicing capabilities.

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Electric submerible slurry pumps to zambia mining site

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