TG6/4D Tunneling Gravel Pump
Dec 23, 2022

Tobee® provides alternative gravel pump 6/4D-G as micro-tunnelling shield pumps

Tobee® TG6x4D Tunnel Gravel Pumps are a kind of sepecial pump including Feed pump, Discharge pump and Booster pump for MTBM, TBM, EPB, Slurry Shields, and Segment Shields in Tunnelling project, It is designed for continously handling the most difficult higher abrasive slurries which contain too big solids. TG6x4D tunnel Pumps are widely used for delivering gravels, slurries, sands, bentonite, sandy soil, rock, stone, sludge, mud etc

Tobee® 6/4D-G 6/4E-G Gravel pump coupling with 22kw  or 37kw SIEMENS Motors for variable frequency drive are popular in underground constrction pipe-jacking project, as well as larger size 12/10-inch pumps are welcome for mucking out slurries from chamber TBMS.

TG6/4D Tunneling Gravel Pump


6/4D Tunnel pump, dredge pump, sand pumps

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