6/4F-HH High Head Slurry Pump Spares
Sep 06, 2023

Tobee® offers 6/4F-HH High head slurry pump wet parts to Europe. Impeller FH4147A05, Volute Liner FH4110A05, Frame Plate Liner FH4041A05, Throat bush FH4083A05.

Tobee®  Equivalent 6/4F-HH High Head Slurry Pump have been developed to handle very high working pressures capable of handling even abrasive slurries with ease. Designed for high performance, high energy efficiency and long wear life, the high head slurry pumps serve a variety of slurry transportation applications, Shares proven unique design features with the AH series slurry pump range. High-pressure design constructed as horizontal, end suction centrifugal pumps to maximise wear resistance and simplify maintenance. Made with abrasion resistant white irons, ductile irons and special alloys to match duty requirements. Other wear liner materials such as urethane are also available. 

If you face a strugglling with a long distance pumping problems on your site, please contact us to have a try our high head pumps.

FH4147A05 Impeller for 6/4F-HH high head slurry pumps

4-inch high head slurry pump volute liner

6x4FHH high pressure pump wear parts

6/4FHH high lift pump wearing parts

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