Horizontal Heavy Froth Processing Slurry Pumps
Sep 08, 2022

Tobee group provides High-performance pumps in pumping solutions for froth and air-entrained slurries. Froth flotation pumping for the mining industry. 

Horizontal Froth Pumps are a special pumping equipment for handling slurries with high density and Viscosity foam. The suction inlet is designed larger than other standard sizes pumps, most of all is the open scoop impeller can be reduce air form the chamber. It is the ideal pumps for mineral flotation application.

OEM Service Alternative Hrizontal Froth Pump sizes range from 2C-AHF, 3D-AHF, 4E-AHF, 6F-AHF, 8ST-AHF to 10ST--AHF. and there are equivalent AF vertical Froth Slurry Pumps for handling more applications as supplmentary. Size covers 2QV-AF, 3QV-AF, 4RV-AF, 6SV-AF, and 8SV-AF.

AHF Froth pump for processing slurry with foam

Horizontal Heavy froth slurry pumps

mineral flotaion processing froth pumps

Vertical Froth Pumps for floation application

high concentrated dopes processsing pumps

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