Hydro-cyclone Feed Pump Replacement Parts
Nov 09, 2022

Tobee® provides slurry pumps as cyclone feed pumps for hydro-cyclone de-watering.

Cyclone feed pump service cyclones for processing. The cyclone is a common classifier or called separator. The cyclone separator is a classification device commonly used in pulp and paper industry  for mineral processing. Cyclones are used for sorting, sorting, concentrating and desizing of pulp. When the cyclone is used as a classifier in mining industry, it is mainly combined with a mill to form a grinding and classifying system. In addition, cyclones are mainly used for de-ashing in re-election plants and are often used for dewatering during tailings processing.

Mineral processing Pump Metal Impeller D3147A05, E4147A05, F8147A05, F6145WRT1A05;

6-inch booster pump Volute Liner: F6110A05;

8x6 FAH Feeding pump Ceramic Shaft Sleeve F075J04;

8x6-inch dewatering pump Frame Plate Liner Insert F6041HS1A05;

8/6E Slurry pump Throatbush F6083WRT1A05.

Metal Impeller D3147A05, E4147A05, F8147A05, F6145WRT1A05

6-inch booster pump Volute Liner F6110A05

Mineral processing mining pump wear parts

F6110A05 Volute liners of 6 inch slurry pumps in mining pumping industry

F6145WRT1A05 4-VANES IMPELLER for power plant ash processing

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