International mineral process washing plant pumping solution
Sep 15, 2022

Tobee® offering slurry pumps for international Minerals washing plants.

Centrifugal slurry pumps can be named with its variable applications as following:

Chemical slurry pumps, Silica sand slurry pumps, Tunnelling slurry pumps, Minerals processing slurry pumps, De-Watering Screen Pump, Ore sand pumps, Tailings Pump, Mineral Sands pumps, Pipe-jacking slurry pumps, Mixing tank slurry Pump, Wet crushers slurry pumps, SAG mill discharge pumps, Ball mill discharge pumps, Rod mill discharge slurry pumps, Cyclone feed pumps, Ni acid slurry pumps, Coarse sand pumps, Coarse tailings pumps, Phosphate matrix slurry pumps, Scrubber slurry Pump, Minerals concentrate pumps, Heavy media slurry pumps, Dredging Sand slurry pumps, Bottom ash slurry pumps, Fly ash pumps, Lime grinding pumps, Screen feed Pump, Oil sands pumps, Fine tailings pumps, Tailings booster Pump, Thickner Tailings Pump, Process recycle Pump, Pipeline transfer pumps, Phosphoric acid slurry pumps, Coal slurry pumps, and Flotation pumps, etc.

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