Mining Pump Applications
Jan 25, 2021
Pump Applications in Mining

Pumps are being used from the first stage of ore/mineral extraction to the final product of refining processes. Being a part of these processes, pumps are running under heavy operating conditions and pumping high abrasive, high density liquids. Pumps, running under harsh environmental conditions (dusty and explosive) and pumping liquids with particles and corrosive chemicals, shall be capable of providing strength and reliability requirements for continuous operation of the system.

One of the most visible aspects of the mining industry are mine tailings or mine dumps. It is necessary to displace mine tailings to a location offsite of the mining operation so that it does not pile up and hinder the mining process. By using a slurry pump, you can ensure a longer pump life, and less maintenance ensure the operation is uninterrupted.

Mining Pump applications

Tobee® Mining Applications:

Mineral slurry transfer: In many cases, the most efficient way to clean up unwanted material from mining is to form it into a slurry and pump it away somewhere offsite for disposal.

Mine dewatering: Dewatering refers to the removal of water that may accumulate within a mine either as part of the mining process, or underground water has entered the mine and flooded it.

Raw water supply and treatment: Huge amount of water is used in mining processes. Raw water can be supplied from rivers, lakes, rain water and is processed at the treatment plants. Transfer of raw water and its treatment are done using high capacity pumps.

Wastewater processing: Wastewater processing is needed to remove wastewater from the mining areas and dispose of the water in a location for further processing.

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