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Aug 25, 2022

Tobee® offering stainless steel open and semi-open impellers and other pulp pump spares to Turkey

Tobee® Alternative Andritz centrifugal pumps come with open impeller designs that are highly wear-resistant. Due to their low axial thrust and open channels, centrifugal pumps can convey a variety of materials. Depending on the impeller design, they can handle slightly contaminated and contaminated media with some solids up to 8% consistency. As process pumps, they are used in the pulp and paper, mining, offshore, power, food, and chemical industries. 

Furthermore, this kind of pump with single-stage is suitable for water supply, wastewater treatment, desalination plants, irrigation, and drainage applications. Typically, this kind of pump has a single-stage, single-flow, open or semi-open impeller. The consistency is up to 6%, with heads ranging from 10-180 m and a maximum flow rate of 8,000 m³/h.

ACP Centrifugal Pump Design:


• Accelerating the medium by charging it with energy.

• Semi-open impeller with vanes on the back.

Spiral casing (102)

• Guiding the medium with a favorable flow pattern, converting speed energy into pressure energy.

• Pressure-sealed pump casing with delivery and suction channels.

• Suction and delivery flange.

• Holds the bearing housing with bearing assembly, shaft and impeller.

Pump shaft (211)

• Holding the impeller, shaft seal, bearing assembly and coupling.

• Transmitting the drive energy to the impeller and thus, to the medium.

• Sturdily dimensioned drive shaft.

• Interface between stationary and rotating parts. Absorption of axial and radial forces.
• Impeller side: Two angular contact ball bearings (321.1) with steel cage.
• Drive side: One deep groove ball bearings (321.2) with steel cage.

Shaft seal 

Depending on operating requirements, there is a choice of eight different shaft seals:

• Cartridge mechanical seal - single

• Cartridge mechanical seal - double

• Standard cartridge mechanical seal - single

• Standard cartridge mechanical seal – double

• Single standard mechanical seal

• Tandem mechanical seal

• Stuffing box packing

• Dynamic shaft seal

ACP300-400 3 Full-open Impeller

ACP300-700.5 Pump Front Lining

Andritz ACP series Pump Bearing Unit with Shaft

Andritz ACP series Pump Parts

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