Paper and Pulp Pump Parts
Feb 09, 2023

Tobee® Andman™ mainly manufacture the OEM Andritz centrifugal pump spare parts to replace ANDRITZ ACP Series Centrifugal Paper Pulp Pumps. We are available with closed, semi-open or open impellers with 3 vanes or 6vanes in a highly wear-resistant design. These pumps are suitable for conveying many different media. Depending on the impeller design, they can convey slightly contaminated and contaminated media with some solids and content up to consistencies up to 8%. S series and ACP series paper pulp pumps are wide used in the pulp and paper, mining, offshore, power, food, and chemical industry. Additionally, water supply, waste water treatment, desalination plants, and irrigation as well as drainage etc.

Andritz replacement parts including: Open or Semi Impellers(2 vanes, 3 vanes, 6 vanes, 8 vanes), Pump casings, Casing cover, Front linings, Rear lininings, Stuffing box body, Shaft etc, The materials can be manufactured in cast iron, SS304L, SS316L, 1.4460 Duplex stainless steel, 1.4517, 1.4517 hardened etc. ACP 65-315, ACP 100-500, ACP 65-250, ACP 100-315, ACP 125-400, ACP 150-500, ACP 100-250, ACP 125-315, ACP 150-400,  ACP 200-500, ACP 300-700, ACP 125-250, ACP 150-315, ACP 200-400, ACP 400-700, ACP 250-315, ACP 300-400, ACP 450-550, ACP 600-700 etc.

Tobee® ACP Paper Pulp Pumps and Spares On-site Applications:
Paper mills, Paper Pulp, Coal prep, Waste pulp, Paper stock, Paper making, Waste paper stock, Chemical slurries, Sugar refining, Recycled fibre preparation, Chemical industry, Food industry, Energy supply, Water supply, Waste water treatment, Alkali recovery, Sugar syrup, Molasses, Pharmaceuticals industry, Potash Fertilizer Plant, Other industries etc.

EN-GJL-250 Housing Cover Spares Parts of Andritz ACP 100-250 Pumps:

Alternative Andritz pump spares

ACP 100-250.5S paper pumps casing spares:

ACP 100-250.5S paper mill pumps casing

ACP 125-315.5S pumps housing cover spares:

Housing cover for Andritz pumps

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