Replacement Metso Pump Spares and Wear Parts
Jun 23, 2022
Tobee® manufacture the slurry pump spares and wear parts for Metso VASA 355-100 pump, Tobee Pump have strict QC system and ample experience in OEM machinery, we have provided our high end clients with long time service.

Replace Metso VASA Pump Wear Parts:

Metso Pump Expeller Cover No.SA207007
Metso Pump Expeller No.2-310461

Metso Pump Expeller Ring No. SA310462

Metso Pump Adapter No.SA207019
Metso Pump Shaft Sleeve No.SA198405
Metso Pump Gland No. SA215206

Tobee has a wealth of experience in the production of wear-resistant high-chrome alloy slurry pump parts. From the most critical casing stage where prototyping, melting, inspection and heat treatment are done, to machining, to assembly, each white cast iron component is taken good care of every step of the way. Stringent manufacturing process, a focus on continuous process improvement, and the ever-tightening quality control ensure we produce high quality OEM slurry pump parts to meet customers expectations.

Metso VASA Horizontal Slurry Pump Applications:

The pumps are primarily designed for pumping abrasive slurries and thus their main applications are within the mineral processing industry for transport of solid particles in suspension. The different special material qualities for wear parts also make the pumps sui-table for duties with a combination of corrosion and abrasion such as hydrometallurgical and some heavy chemical applications. The pumps also find many applications within the paper and pulp in-dustry where they are used for pumping of clay, lime caustic sludge, scrubber water, reject pulp, transport of wood chips, etc. The pumps are also installed in various applications in the sugar industry.

Metso VASA series Pump Parts Photos:

Slurry Pump Spare and Wear Parts for Metso Outotec

Replacement Metso VASA 355-100 Pump Expeller No.2-310461-M1

Metso VASA series Pump Parts

Metso Horizontal Slurry Pump Wear Parts

OEM Replacement Metso Slurry Pump Parts

China Metso Horizontal Slurry Pump Shaft Sleeve

OEM Metso Slurry Pump Spares

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