OEM Replacement Sulzer Pump Mechanical Seal
Dec 29, 2022
Tobee® Replacement AHLSTAR APP/T 51-300 end-suction single-stage centrifugal process pumps with cartridge mechanical seal are used for Clean and lightly contaminated liquids, Viscous liquids, Fibrous slurries, Large solids containing liquids and Gas containing liquids and self-priming applications.

APP High performance process pumps for demanding applications
AHLSTAR APP end-suction single-stage centrifugal process pumps are used for demanding industrial applications to ensure process reliability, high efficiency and low operating costs.

APP 51-300 Pump Mechanical Seal Design Features:

• The cartridge seal forms one solid unit having its own sleeve, fixing flange, seal faces, springs and all necessary O-rings, gaskets, setting clips and fixing crews.
• By the setting clips, the cartridge seal is set radially and axially in the right location during assembly.
• The seal is fixed on the pump shaft or on the shaft sleeve by set screws and into the casing cover by studs and nuts utilizing fixing slots (4x90°) on the seal flange.
• Since cartridge seals can be fitted to the standard casing cover of all kinds of pumps and rotating flow machines, it is possible to use the same seal types in a variety of pumps and other machines.

APP Process Pump Design Features:

• Versatile, reliable, high-efficiency hydraulics and material options
• Innovative shaft sealing solutions for reliable operation and reduced costs
• Innovative and reliable degassing and self-priming units
• Reliable, simplified and heavy-duty bearing unit with a variety of different lubrication options
• Modular design minimize the spare part inventory cost

Shaft Seals

Shat seal need to be selected carefully according to pumped liquid and operational conditions. With optimal seal selection you can maximize the lifetime of the seal and ensure reliable operation.
Developed innovative Sulzer mechanical shaft seals for maximizing operational reliability and minimizing downtime costs. As Sulzer shaft seals require little or no water, they minimize also environmental costs.

Patented impeller balancing holes together with optimized impeller back vanes improve liquid circulation and create ideal conditions in the seal chamber.

Replacement Mechanical Seal for sulzer pump APP 51-300

Suilzer Pump spares mechanical seal

Mechanical seal for Sulzer pumps

Tobee Sulzer APP51-300 Pump Mechanical Seal

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