16 inch Gravel Pump for River Dredging
May 19, 2023

Tobee® TG18x16GG Dredging Slurry Pump is designed specifically for continuous pumping of extremely aggressive slurries, with a wide particle size distribution. Capable of handling large particles at consistently high efficiencies results in low cost of ownership. The large volume internal profile of the casing reduces associated velocities further increasing component life, It is mainly suitable for delivering slurry, sand, gravel, sludge, mud, blast slag and other abrasive medium. Especially suitable for the high flow, high concentration and high head working conditions.

Tobee® TG18x16GG pump quick wear parts:

pump casing GG16131-9A05

 impeller GG16137A05

Frame plate liner insert GG16041MA05

 cover plate GG16013A05

shaft sleeve G075C21

Shaft spacer G117C21

16-inch dredging pump on dredger

18/16G-G Gravel pump for tunnelling

18x16 inch sand and gravel pump

Electric Motor driven gravel pump for river dredging

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