8-inch Sand Gravel Pump
May 13, 2023

Tobee® high head gravel pump was dispatched to Brazil for river dredging.

Tobee®  Gravel Sand Pump is horizontal single-casing gravel pump with wide channel to transfer sands,slurries or gravels with big particle size. The wet parts are made of Ni-hard and high-Chrome alloys to ensure long service life. It has superior performance than common pumps in dredging, sand mining, barge loading and mineral processing etc. With all the advantages of TG Gravel pump,TGH gravel pump has achieved extra high head for special working conditions.

Tobee® Gravel pump size range from 4-inch to 16inch and with options on high head series. handling partical sizes from 0-260mm. It is suitable for mud dredging, gravel suction, river dredging, mining and metal smelting explosive slag conveying, etc.

Tobee® Equivalent 10/8F-GH Sand Gravel Pump on-site Application:

  • Mining
  • Dredging
  • Mineral processing
  • Sand Excavation
  • Tunnelling
  • Tunnel boring machine
  • Metal melting
  • Coarase sand processing
  • Pipe-jacking system
  • Ash handling
  • Dredger
  • Blast slag
  • Lime mud
  • Coal prep
  • Waste sludge
  • Alumina Industry
  • Power plant
  • Construction
  • Other industry

Tunnelling sand gravel pump 10/8F-GH

8-inch High head river dredging pump

Power plant slag removel pump 10/8F-G

Slag removel pump worked in steel mill

Technical dept.

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