12/10F-G Sand Gravel Pump wet parts
Nov 07, 2022

Tobee® provides Wet parts to a dredge pump 12/10F-G, The material is made from Cr27~C28 high chrome alloy. It will be installed on a cutter suction dredger for pumping the sands, gravel, slurry, stone, and sediment etc

Tobee® 12x10F-G Gravel Pump Applications:
• Mine: Black, non-ferrous ore slurry material pump and all kinds of concentrate and tailings conveying.
• Metallurgy: Transport various slurry for aluminium or steel manufacture.
• Coal: Coal mining, washing and various coarse and fine coal slurry transportation.
• Electricity: Remove power plant ash,wash ash,various ash dregs or ash slurry transportation.
• Construction materials: Various mud sand slurry(such as Cement slurry) transportation.
• Chemical: Phosphatic fertilizer or potassic fertilizer factory various abrasive slurry transportation.
• Water conservancy: Lake,river dredge, sediment,grit, High plastic clay Suction line to transportation.

Tobee® 12x10F-G Gravel Pump Wet End Parts:

12/10F-G Gravel pump impeller FG10107A05;

12x10F-G Dredge pump casing GG10131A05;

12/10FG Gravel Pump Door GG10013A05.

12/10F-G Tunnel pump wear parts

12x10F-G Dredge pump casing GG10131A05, Door GG10013A05

Wet parts for 12/10FG Dredge Pumps

12/10FG Gravel Pump Door GG10013A05

12/10F-G Gravel pump 3-vanes impeller FG10137A05

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