6 Pcs F6145HE2A05 Impeller to Mexico
May 09, 2022
Tobee® one of our Mexico partners orders 6 pieces slurry pump impeller F6145HE2A05, they are ready for shipping the port. The high efficient impeller F6145HE2A05 can be used for 8/6E-AH, 8/6F-AH and 8/6R-AH slurry pumps. This impeller has 4 vanes with a closed design versus and is metal (high chrome iron).

Centrifugal slurry pumps are used almost universally to move mixtures of abrasive solids and liquid around wet mineral processing operations. These pumps are generally of rugged construction and generous clearances to allow the passage of large solids. Pump useful life in these applications can range from a few weeks to a few years depending on the type of slurries handled. The direct cost of slurry pump wear parts for the mining industry and the associated down-time and labour costs are significant.

Tobee HE1/HE2 Slurry Pump Impeller Applications:

Typical duties:
Plant Processing - All in plant process transfer duties are suitable.
Chemical Slurry - Chemically inert material with excellent resistance to most Acid and Alkaline duties. Excels where most other materials would corrode or wear away.
Tailings Pumping - Excellent microstructure for high wear resistance to ultra fine solids which normally become entrapped in flow vortices and cause premature failure to parts.

Slurry Pump Impeller F6145HE2A05 Photos:

Surrry Pump Upgrade Impeller F6145HE2A05

8x6F-AH Slurry Pump Impeller F6145HE2A05

Replace Warman Slurry Pump Impeller F6145HE2A05

High Efficent Impeller F6145HE2A05

8/6E-AH Slurry Pump 4-VCG Impeller

Analogue Warman AH Slurry Pump Impellers

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