Slurry Pump Impeller
Feb 02, 2021
Slurry Pump Impeller is one of the most important parts of centrifugal slurry pump. In order for your process to operate efficiently and stand up to the test of time, you must choose the proper slurry pump impeller.

Tobee® offers three different types of slurry pump impellers: open, closed, and semi-open, and slurry pump impellers are made of high chrome alloy, rubber, elastomer, polyurethane, ceramic and some other customized materials to meet any mines site conditions and be suitable for your existing slurry pumps.

Tobee® Pump accept OEM casting parts as samples or drawings of all kinds of AH slurry pump parts, SP vertical pump parts, G sand pump parts, Damen dredge pump parts, IHC dredge pump parts, Andritz pump parts, etc. For the material codes of the impellers, we can manufacture A03, A04, A05, A06, A07, A12, A14, A25, A33, A49, A51, A61 from 1.5/1 to 20/18 Slurry Pumps. For the impeller type, we can manufacture WRT1, Back full (BF), Back remove (BR), Seal remove (SP), High efficient (HE). Such as: D3145WRT1A05, D3145WRT1BFA05, E4145WRTA05, E4145WRT1A61, F6145WRT1A05, G12145WRT1A05, CAHF2056QU1A05, FAHF6056QU1A05, B1052R55, RSL3014BRU38.

Tobee® Manufactured Slurry Pump Impellers:

D3145WRT1A05 Impeller with 4VC for 4/3C-AH Slurry Pump:

Warman WRT Impeller

D3145WRT1BFA05 Impellers for 4/3C-AH WRT Pumps:

 D3145WRT1BFA05 Impellers

Metal Lined Slurry Pumps A05 High Chrome Alloy Impellers:

Metal Lined Slurry Pump Impeller

FAHF6056QU1A05 Impeller for 6E-AHF Horizontal Froth Pump:

AHF Horizontal Froth Pump Impeller

FAM8147R55 Rubber Lined Impeller:

Rubber Pump Impeller

FAM8147U38 Polyurethane Impellers for 12/10 Slurry Pumps:

Polyurethane Pump Impeller

RSL3014BRU38 Polyurethane Slurry Pump Impellers:

Polyurethane Slurry Pump Impellers

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