Slurry Pump Packing
Sep 11, 2023

Tobee® Slurry Pump Gland Packing  is used to prevent leakage of fluid, such as water or slurry, chemicals, between sliding or turning parts of slurry pumps. The gland nut allows the packing material to be compressed to form a watertight seal and prevent the slurry from leaking up the shaft when the tap is turned on.The gland packing at the rotating shaft of a slurry pump is packed in a similar way and the graphite grease is used to accommodate continuous operation. Linear seal around the shaft is also known as a packing and is particularly in slurry applications.

Slurry pumps with seal arrangement in Gland packing, Expeller seal and Mechanical seals. There are countless of slurry applications rely on these devices to function properly. Although packaging and slurry pumps have similar functions by using either depending on the budget or personal preferences and most importantly they must meet the application requirements. An example, slurry pumps work best with seals because they are capable of treating, filtering and collecting fluid leakage. There are also applications where a packing is more appropriate choice such as settings with corrosive surrounding which happen to cause seals to deteriorate faster and if this is the case the packing will last longer. 

Tobee® Replacement Packing Part No: B111Q05, B111Q21; C111Q05, C111Q21, D111Q05, D111Q21, E111Q05, E111Q21, F111Q05, F111Q21, R111Q05, R111Q21, S111Q05, S111Q21, G111Q05, G111Q21, H111Q05, H111Q21, T111Q05, T111Q21.

F111Q21 Packing for 8/6FAH Slurry pumps

Slurry pump packing F111Q21

Packing seal ring F111Q21

Tobee slurry pump packing F111Q21

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