CAM078HS1D21 & B078G01 Slurry Pump Stuffing Box
Mar 31, 2021
Slurry pump stuffing box is one of shaft seal parts in gland packing seal pumps where the packing is housed in. The packing area of stuffing box is longer than expeller ring, so it can contain more packing. Clean water is injected into the stuffing box to flush solid particles away and to cool and lubricate the packing and shaft sleeve.

Slurry pump stuffing box components are of D21 cast iron, A05 high chrome, stainless steel, brass or other application-specific materials.

Tobee® slurry pump stuffing boxes are also available to suit:

AH slurry pumps, L slurry pumps, M slurry pumps, HH slurry pumps, G and GH pumps.

CAM078HS1D21 Slurry Pump Stuffing Box Photos:

Warman Pump Stuffing Box

CAM078HS1D21 Stuffing Box

Stuffing Box for Warman Pump

B078G01 Slurry Pump Stuffing Box Photos:

B078G01 Stuffing Box

Warman 2x1.5 Pump Stuffing Box

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