Spare Parts for Slurry Pumps to France
Jun 14, 2022
Tobee® Replacement Spare Parts for 4x3C, 6x4D, 8x6E AH Slurry Pumps can be painted in custom colors, they are ready for shipping to one of our clients in France. Tobee slurry pump parts will replace the spare parts of 4x3C-AH, 6x4D-AH and 8x6E-AH slurry pumps on site.

Tobee supplies replacement spare parts for slurry pumps in mines, mills and prep plants around the world. So the slurry pump spares are interchangeable.

Slurry Pump Model 8/6E-AH:
• Impeller F6147A05
• Volute Liner F6110A05
• Throat Bush F6083A05
• Frame Plate Liner Insert F6041A05
• Expeller Ring EAM029
• Bearing Assembly EAM005M

Slurry Pump Model 6/4D-AH:
• Impeller Type E4147A05
• Volute Liner E4110A05
• Throat Bush E4083A05
• Frame Plate Liner Insert E4041A05
• Expeller Ring DAM029
• Bearing Assembly DAM005M

Slurry Pump Model 4/3C-AH:
• Impeller D3147A05
• Volute Liner D3110A05
• Frame Plate Liner Insert D3041A05
• Expeller Ring CAM029
• Bearing Assembly CAM005M

Slurry Pump Model 3/2C-AH:
• Impeller C2147A05
• Volute Liner C2110A05
• Frame Plate Liner Insert C2041A05
• Expeller Ring C029
• Bearing Assembly C005M

Slurry Pump Model 2/1.5B-AH:
• Impeller B15127
• Volute Liner B15110A05
• Frame Plate Liner Insert B15041A05
• Expeller Ring B029
• Bearing Assembly B005M

Slurry Pump Model 1.5/1B-AH:
• Impeller B1127
• Volute Liner B1110A05
• Frame Plate Liner Insert B1041A05
• Expeller Ring B029
• Bearing Assembly B005M

Contact us if any needs for slurry pump spare parts, These pump parts are fully compatible with genuine slurry pumps both in materials of construction and dimensional fits.

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