20/18TU Tailings Transfer Pump Spare Parts
Dec 14, 2022

In order to ensure the sustainable operation of mines, the disposal of mining tailings is extremely important in the mining process. Slurry pumps are frequently used in tailings disposal.

China Tobee Pump offers a wide range of slurry pumps for tailings management in mining processing. 20/18-inch slurry pumps with large capacity and higher head for the most heavy-duty work application.

Tobee® 20/18TUAH Tailings pump, 20x18TUAH Tailings transfer pump, 18-Inch Tailings dam pumping solution, 20/18-inch Tailings transport pump, 20/18TU-AH Tailings disposal pump, Tailings management slurry pumps and components. Hard steel Volute Liner TU18110TL1A05, High chrome metal Impeller TU18147A05.

TU18110TL1A05 Volute liner for 20/18TU-AH Mining pumps

18-inch tailings pump impeller TU18147-A05

20/18TU-AH Slurry pump impeller TU18147A05

14/12FAH Slurry pump impeller

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