Micro Tunnelling Slurry Pumps
Sep 13, 2023
Tobee® Hydroman® Horizontal Bentonite Slurry Tunnel Pump for Microtunneling Construction belonged to Hydroman TJH series tunnel slurry pump is cantilevered, horizontal, centrifugal slurry pumps, TJH Tunnel Pumps are designed to handle high abrasive, high density slurries in tunnel shield, microtunneling and pipe-jacking.

Microtunneling is a trenchless construction method and installed using a remote-controlled drilling and pipe-jacking system, is an important character in install pipelines beneath highways, railroads, runways, harbors, rivers, and environmentally sensitive areas, in the process of construction will produce a lot of slurry of mixture of water and bentonite clay, so need the tunnel pump to transfer extra slurry, mud, gravel, sludge etc., so we can call the tunnel pump as Microtunneling slurry pump, Tunnel bentonite slurry pump, Pipe-jacking tunneling mud pump,Tunneling shield slurry pump, Tunnel shield gravel pump, Microtunneling shield sludge gravel pump etc.

Tobee® Hydroman® Horizontal bentonite slurry tunnel pump are applicable for :
▪ River crossing tunnel.
▪ Deep tunneling.
▪ Deep mining operations.
▪ Tunneling for underground transportations etc.
▪ Combined Sewer Overflow Systems.
▪ Sea, lake or river outfall of sewer, water and industrial fluids.
▪ Road crossings, streets, railways, buildings, airports, parks.
▪ Desalinization plant water intake tunnels.

▪ Gas, electricity, cable, and telecommunication networks conduits.

Tunnel shield gravel pump

Bentonite Slurry Tunnel Pump for Microtunneling Construction

 Microtunneling shield sludge gravel pump

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Horizontal Bentonite Slurry Tunnel Pump

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