Vertical Mortar Pumps for Aerated Concrete Indudstry
Jan 26, 2024

Vertical Mortar Pump is a single stage, single suction, semi-submerged pump with semi-open imepller. and no bearing between the impeller and casing, aim to deliver medium with big solids, with typical immersion legth from 800mm to 1900mm. The tempreture not allowed above 80℃,better below 75℃. Sizes from 50mm to 100m. 

In the aerated concrete industry, vertical mortar pumps are commonly used for the transportation and application of mortar in the production of aerated concrete blocks or panels. These pumps are designed to handle the specific requirements of aerated concrete, which is a lightweight and porous material. Here are some key considerations for vertical mortar pumps used in the aerated concrete industry:

Pump Design: Vertical mortar pumps designed for the aerated concrete industry typically have a compact and robust design. They are often equipped with a vertical shaft and impeller arrangement, allowing for efficient pumping of the mortar.

Material Compatibility: The wetted parts of the pump, including the impeller and casing, should be made of materials that are compatible with the properties of the mortar used in aerated concrete production. Common materials for the wetted parts include abrasion-resistant alloys or special coatings to withstand the abrasive nature of the mortar.

Mixing Capability: Some vertical mortar pumps in the aerated concrete industry may incorporate a mixing mechanism to ensure proper homogeneity of the mortar during pumping. This helps maintain the desired consistency and quality of the aerated concrete.

Pumping Efficiency: Vertical mortar pumps used in the aerated concrete industry should be designed for efficient pumping of the mortar, taking into account the desired flow rate, pressure requirements, and consistency of the material. The pump should be capable of delivering the mortar accurately and consistently to the desired locations in the production process.

Ease of Maintenance:  pay attention to the tempreture of the bearing, should not abbove 75℃, Fill grease to insure the pump work safely; check coupling regularly, stop operation wehrn there are big noises. check pump parts each 2000 hours. adjust the space between impeller and casing not less than 2.5mm. if out of this range please change impeller , front cover and casing.

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