4x3C-AH Centrifugal Heavy Duty Slurry Pumps with Metal Lined
Sep 17, 2020
Tobee® 4x3C AH horizontal slurry pumps headed to our India partner which working on chrome mines, the 4x3C-AH slurry pumps to take out sludge from the mines.

Standard 4x3C-AH Slurry Pump is engineered with the latest hydraulic and wear technologies to cope with the most severe corrosive and abrasive slurry applications, The 4x3C-AH pumps feature patented innovative designs that can significantly reduce the operational costs of slurry pumping, It is widely used in industry of mining, electrical power, coal, metallurgical processing, environmental protection, civil construction, etc for transportation of abrasive solid slurry.

Designed Features

• 4 x 3 slurry pump
• Horizontal, centrifugal slurry pump
• Designed for highly abrasive applications
• Oversize shaft and bearing for zero shaft deflection
• "Run cool" bearing house for longer bearing lubrication life
• Oversized bearing support, bearing cartridge and front and rear volute casings in high quality cast and ductile iron
• Pump shaft seal could use the packing seal, expeller seal and mechanical seal. One pump also can be use packing seal with expeller seal together.
• Unique ultra wear resistant liners and impellers – choice of high chrome alloy wear parts for extreme wear resistance or UEC (Unique Elastromeric Compound) rubber-like liner and impellers for improved life when compared to standard rubber offerings.

• The 4x3 C AH slurry pump drive types, such as direct coupling drive (DC), V belt drive (CR, CV, ZV) etc.

4x3 CAH Slurry Pumps Reference Photos:

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