6/4 EE-AHP Horizontal Slurry Pump and Spare Parts
Oct 27, 2021
Tobee® some of Spare Parts for 6x4EE-AHP Slurry Pump headed to the port, they will replace the original AHP pump parts on the site, our AHP slurry pump high chrome parts provide users with longer 30%-60% wear life and higher efficiency due to advanced manufacturing processes. Increasing users enjoy perfect fit and finish to reduce installation workload.

6/4EE-AHP Slurry Pumps fully lined high pressure pump for multi-stage application.
Based upon the popular AH series pump, the AHP/AHPP series high pressure pump offers the same features and benefits as the AH pump, including identical hydraulics at up to 1,000 psi. The high pressure capability allows the user to operate several pumps in series all consolidated into one pump house, saving the expense of supporting systems like gland water supply systems in an alternative design of several pump houses along the transport line.

AHP Slurry Pumps Design Features:

•  Multi-stage high pressure operation to 1000 psi (6,900 kPa)
•  Heavy duty construction with through-bolt design provides ease of maintenance and minimal downtime
•  Ductile iron fully lined casing provides durability, strength, safety, and long service life
•  Large diameter, slow turning, high efficiency impellers designed to achieve maximum wear life and low operating costs
•  Large, open internal passages reduce internal velocities, maximise wear life and lower operating costs
•  Thick elastomer or alloy bolt-in liners provide superior corrosion resistance plus offer ease of liner change-out and interchangeability to reduce overall maintenance costs and maximise wear life
•  Minimal shaft/impeller overhang reduces shaft deflection and increases packing life
•  Grease or oil lubricated bearing options offer ease of maintenance and reduced downtime
•  Cartridge-style bearing assembly allows for maintenance in a clean environment without removal of the pump, resulting in reliable operation and prolonged bearing life

•  Now featuring WRT throatbush and impeller combination designed to enhance efficiency and improve wear performance

6/4EE AHP Slurry Pump Parts Photos:

Warman AHP series Slurry Pump Wear Parts

EP4110A05 Volute Liner for Warman 6x4EE-AHP Pump

Slurry Pump Parts Impeller E4058A05

6/4 AHP Pump Stuffing Box EP078D21

Shaft Sleeve EP076C21 for 6x4E-AHP Horizontal Pumps

6/4EE AHP Pump Lantern Restrictor EP118C23

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