6/4D-G Gravel Sand Pump for Tunneling
Aug 24, 2021

Tobee® TG6/4D Gravel Sand Pump is 100% interchangeable with 6/4D-G Gravel Dredge Pump. And the 6x4D-G Gravel Pump are made of high chrome alloy materials for further increasing component life.


Tobees G/GH series Gravel and Dredge Pumps are also called Tunneling Pump.


Tunneling Slurry System


The slurry system consists of a closed pipeline loop which circulates the slurry mix through the head of the Tunneling machine where excavated materials are ground up and picked up into suspension, carried out of the tunnel and deposited into settling tanks on the surface of the operation. The settling tanks help to dewater the slurry, thereby removing the solids, allowing the water to be recirculated back into the Tunneling machine.


Assisted by Slurry Pumps


Slurry pumps help with slurry system circulation to and from the slurry separation location. Slurry feed pumps assist with slurry feed flow above the jacking shaft assisted by booster pumps with slurry return flow from the Tunneling Boring Machine (TBM), while the mid pumps aid the booster pumps on extended length drives and slurry return pumps assist with slurry return flow from the jacking frame to the slurry separation location. All slurry pumps are VFD driven for variable flow volumes depending on the project specifications.

Tunneling Pump 6x4 Reference Photos:

Gravel Pump 6x4D-G China

Warman 6x4 Gravel Dredge Pump

China Sand Gravel Pumps 6/4D-G

6x4 Warman G Gravel Sand Pumps

Tunneling Gravel Slurry Pump 6x4

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