Slurry Pump HS1 Wear Parts
Nov 20, 2021
Tobee® manufactures the Slurry Pump Hi-seal Spare Parts from 1.5/1B to 20/18TU AH horizontal pumps, the slurry pump wear parts in metal includes: Expeller, Expeller Ring, Frame Plate Liner Insert, Stuffing Box.

Hi Seal Expeller
A significant improvement in performance over the original expeller sealing method. The patented expelling vane shape and larger diameter expeller generates a significantly increased pressure in the expeller ring chamber at the same pump speed as compared to the previous sealing arrangement.

Hi Seal Expeller Ring
The HS1 expeller ring is together work with HS1 expeller for the slurry pumps. They can not only help seal the pump, but also reduce the centrifugal force.

The standard HS1 expeller and expeller ring material is high chrome for metal and rubber lined pumps, natural rubber lined HS1 expeller and expeller rings are also available.

Hi Seal Frame Plate Liner Insert

Hi Seal Stuffing Box
The HS1 stuffing box also use the larger diameter sealing area, and a new stuffing box was designed to ensure the interchangeability of drive side liners for gland packing seal.

Benefits of Hi-Seal Parts:
• Improved sealing performance
• Elimination of seal leakage
• Extended component wear life
• Reduced power consumption
• Reduced operation cost
• Reduced maintenance related costs

Slurry Pump HS1 Spare Parts Reference Photos:

Replace Warman Pump Hi Seal Parts

Slurry Pump HS1 Expeller F028HS1A05

F029HS1A05 Expeller Ring for Warman 8x6 AH Pump

Centrifugal Slurry Pump Hi-seal Stuffing Box

12/10 AH Pump Parts Stuffing Box G10078HS1D21

HS1 Pump Parts FPL Insert G12041HS1A05

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