AH Slurry Pump Replacement WRT Parts and standard Spares to Peru
Dec 02, 2020
They are 3/2C-AH, 6/4D-AH, 8/6F-AH WRT Horizontal Slurry Pump wearing parts with high chrome alloy materials: Frame plate C2032HSPRD21, 4vc Impeller E4145WRTA05, F6145WRT1A05, Throat bush F6083WRT1A05, Frame Plate Liner Insert F6041HS1A05, Expeller F028HS1A05, Expeller ring F029HS1A05, Shaft sleeve F075J04, and etc, they will replace original pump parts in the Mining.

The WRT® Parts: impeller and throatbush combination with improved hydraulic profiles, reduced turbulence, extended wear performance of between 30% and 50% and lowered power consumption.

Replacement of parts is a maintenance requirement when operating slurry pumps, and can’t be ignored. When your machinery is pumping solids, destructive wear will occur over a period of time. This part of wear and tear is inevitable, therefore you need a helper to rely on to replace the parts effectively, efficiently, and affordably.

Tobee® as a manufacturer with the facilities to support the largest mining, mineral processing, aggregate, and general industry customers, Tobee Pump is here to support your business in every way we can. Give us a call today!

Interchangeable Pump Spares & Parts:

Warman WRT Parts

Warman Hi-seal Pump Parts

Pump Parts Expeller ring

Warman Pump Wear Parts

Warman WRT Impellers

Warman WRT Pump Throat bush

Shaft sleeves

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