65QV-SP Long Shaft Vertical Cantilevered Slurry Pumps to Argentina
Aug 26, 2020
65QV-SP vertical cantilever sump slurry pumps with 1 meter submerged depth x 5 units are install intact and delivered to Argentina, These vertical spindle pumps will be operated for pumping 60 m3/h dirty water with 2 % soil and sands in a plant.

Tobee® SP/SPR heavy duty cantilever sump pump is designed for applications requiring greater reliability and durability than conventional vertical process pumps can offer. Fully elastomer lined or hard metal fitted. No submerged bearings or packing. High capacity double suction design. Optional recessed impeller and suction agitator available.

SP vertical sump slurry pumps - hard metal construction
SPR vertical sump slurry pumps - rubber covered construction

The SP/SPR heavy duty sump pumps are available in various standard lengths to suit common sump depths, for very deep sumps or where high shaft speeds limit the length of the pump, a suction extension pipe can be fitted to the bottom inlet to extend the depth of the pump by up to 2 metres. The slurry sump pumps can be met general sump applications.

Typical Applications

Sump drainage/washdown
Floor drainage

Mill sumps

Slurry transportation

Carbon transfer
Magnetite mixing

and almost every other tank, pit or hole-in-theground slurry handling situation.

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