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  • 100mm Warman Vertical Sump Slurry Pump

    100RV-SP Vertical Slurry Pump

    Size: 100mm
    Capacity: 40-289m3/h
    Head: 5-36m
    Handing solids: 32mm
    Submerged length:1200-3200mm
    Materials:High chrome alloy, Rubber, Polyurethane etc
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    100RV-SP Vertical Slurry Pump is designed for handling abrasive and corrosive liquids and slurries, while submerged in sumps or pits. Suited for applications requiring greater reliability and durability than conventional vertical process pumps can offer. It is mainly used for pumping the slurries with high abrasive, strong corrosion and high concentration liquids contain suspended solid particles.

    Design Features:

    • Bearing Assembly - The bearings, shaft and housing are generously proportioned to avoid problems associated with the operation of cantilevered shafts in the first critical speed zones.
    The assembly is grease lubricated and sealed by labyrinths; the upper is grease purged and the lower protected by a special flinger. The upper or drive end bearing is a parallel roller type whilst the lower bearing is a double taper roller with preset end float. This high performance bearing arrangement and robust shaft eliminates the need for a lower submerged bearing.
    • Column Assembly - Completely fabricated from mild steel. The SPR model is elastomer covered.
    • Casing - Has a simple bolt-on attachment to the base of the column. It is manufactured from a wear resistant alloy for the SP and from moulded elastomer for the SPR.
    • Impeller - Double suction impellers (top and bottom entry) induce low axial bearing loads and have heavy deep vanes for maximum wear resistance and for handling large solids. Wear resistant alloys, polyurethane and moulded elastomer impellers are interchangeable. The impeller is adjusted axially within the casting during assembly by external shims under the bearing housing feet. No further adjustment is necessary.
    • Upper Strainer - Drop-in metal mesh, snap-on elastomer or polyurethane for SP and SPR pumps. Strainers fit in column openings.
    • Lower Strainer - Bolted metal or polyurethane for SP, moulded snap-on elastomer for SPR.
    • Discharge Pipe - Metal for SP, elastomer covered for SPR. All wetted metal parts are completely rust protected.
    • Submerged Bearings - None
    • Agitation - An external agitator spray connection arrangement can be fitted to the pump as an option. Alternatively, a mechanical agitator is fitted to an extended shaft protruding from the impeller eye.
    • Materials - Pumps can be manufactured in abrasive and corrosive resistant materials.

    Tobee® 100 RV-SP Vertical Slurry Pumps Performance Parameters:


    Matching power P


    Capacity Q


    Head H


    Speed n




    Impeller dia.















    Tobee® 100 RV SP Vertical Spindle Pumps are available in a wide range of popular sizes to suit most pumping applications:

    • Minerals processing
    • Coal preparation
    • Chemical processing
    • Effluent handling
    • Abrasive and/or corrosive slurries
    • Large particle sizes
    • High density slurries
    • Sand and gravel
    and almost every other tank, pit or hole-in-theground slurry handling situation.


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